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Submitted by Kathy Redden

​River Road Horse Camp – Santa Margarita Lake
Good news!  The Horse Camp was approved by the County Planning Commission on Thursday, May 14 on the consent agenda.  There was no discussion, so it was a non-controversial item. The change to allow for the horse camp was part of the General Plan Conformity Report process so there is no waiting period for appeals (as it typical). A big thanks to the staff at County Parks, Parks Planning, and Planning (three departments) for figuring out a way to a way deal with the zoning issue and keep this project moving forward.  

I am reaching out to Parks staff to figure out the next steps for equipment installation and what's needed to set fees and make reservations.  Then we can set up 
workdays to get the corrals set up, finish the fence work, and install the picnic 
tables.  Workdays will be announced.  

Thanks for your on-going support and patience. 


Trail Workdays: Until the shelter-in-place orders are revised or lifted, no official trail workdays are being scheduled.


June program:  Christie O’Hara from Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) will be talking about best practices on sharing trails from the mountain 
biker perspective. A good opportunity for Q&A on how we can all be safe when meeting other user groups on shared trails.


Pismo Preserve Ride – Tuesday, July 7th
This ride is on hold for now, due to the shelter-at-home order and whether the Land 
Conservancy will re-start the Horse Trailer Tuesdays once the order is lifted. Horse Trailer Tuesdays had been first come-first served for the parking lot; it had not been determined whether spaces could be reserved for a group event. Should Horse Trailer Tuesdays start back up, I encourage those who like to ride there to sign up to be a docent. Equestrians are needed to help manage the parking lot and educate non-equestrians on why the lot is closed to them two days a month. Sharon Jantzen at SLO Horse News is assisting with coordinating docents. Please contact her at