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Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at different locations. You can contact our club President for current information.

Program begins at 6:45 p.m., and the General Meeting begins at 7:45 p.m. (There are no meetings in the months of August and December). Depending on the Program, some meetings are held at other locations such as a local arena. It is best to contact someone in the group to make sure where the meeting is. 
April President's Message

My Fellow Equestrian Tribe,
   April is now upon us. Daylight-Saving Time is in full effect. Writing this, I can feel the winter depression leaving my body and the warm feeling of Spring coming on. I was sick with the mysterious “new virus”, strep throat and a bout of salmonella poisoning the past few weeks. It took a toll on my mental health. I look forward to Spring and getting my stamina back to go out and ride into the late evenings.
   Thank you to all the new and current members who joined our club for the tour of Rolling A Ranch. I heard it was a great time and I’m sorry to have missed it. I look forward to our group visiting this historic ranch in the future. Thank you to Laura, for keeping the meeting rolling in my absence. 
   We have a lot of momentum and group discussions by many different parties involved in keeping out trails safe from off road motorized vehicles and bikes. Discussions are being had and I’m encouraged by the amount of attention this is gaining. Safety on our trails is of the utmost importance. Every rider should feel comfortable and safe on our trails, at all times, whether riding alone or with a group. I look forward to sharing more as we go forward.  
   Many new equestrian events are taking place right here on the Central Coast. Many are great low-key, day, beginner friendly activities for all levels of riders and disciplines. I encourage all of you to grab a friend and make a date to go out and ride and enjoy yourself. Most of the groups, like ours, are always looking for volunteers. There is no better way to check out something new and have a front row seat to see if it’s something you’d be interested in and/or participating in the future. Take the leap and go check it out!
   I look forward to enjoying the next several months with all of you working on the trails or in the saddle whichever that may be.

          “There are things that the horse did for me that a human couldn’t have done.”
                                                                                                                              -Buck Brannaman-
Enjoy the Ride,
  Lindamae Suprinski, AHC President