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Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at Nino's, 509 North Main St., Templeton, California. An optional dinner begins at 6:00 p.m., the Program begins at 7:00 p.m., and the General Meeting begins at 8:00 p.m. (There are no meetings in the months of August and December). Depending on the Program, some meetings are held at other locations such as a local arena. It is best to contact someone in the group to make sure where the meeting is. 

Have you encountered a trail hazard?  
If you have, please report it to the appropriate park staff. Such as, if you’re 
riding Santa Margarita Lake and encounter a downed tree or other hazard, call 805-788-2415 or stop by the front entrance and make a report. They have a new maintenance person who will get on it as soon as possible. Or if you’re riding at Montana de Oro (MDO), make a report with Park staff. If you don’t know who to contact, email me the hazard report to me and I’ll 
forward it to the right people. For example, I was recently told that the Islay Creek crossing at MDO was washed out. I informed Coast Mounted Assistance (CMA) and they fixed the crossing. Most Parks have limited staff and need all of us to help report trail hazards, so they can triage the hazards and get them handled.

Please research the 2018 Park Bond/Proposition 68!  This bond measure, 
going on the June 5th ballot, is the first park bond since 2002. When looking at the website (, your first thought may be “this is all about water!”. But think of it this way: “Water” is the packhorse and “Trails and Parks” are tools in the panniers! On the webpage, go to the Get Involved page, then click on the “Prop. 68 Investment Priorities” under Supporter Toolkit for a list of where the funding would be assigned. This includes $218 million to repair and improve state parks, $50 million for forest restoration – which could be used in the fire damaged areas of Sonoma, Napa, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.  

Trout Creek Acquisitions – Garcia and Santa Lucia Wilderness
The Wilderness Land Trust has the McNeil parcels containing the trailhead to Trout Creek and Hi Valley trails under contract with the Real Estate Foundation of SLO!  This is the third McNeil parcel acquired since 2016. The first parcel was 320 acres within sight of the Buckeye trail, which provides access to the Buckeye and Balm of Gilead campgrounds; the second parcel was another 160 acres, also within sight of the Buckeye Trail; this third parcel (324 acres) will protect trail 
access to the east and west along Hi Mountain Road, insuring public access to both the Garcia and Santa Lucia Wilderness areas. The trails provide a key link to the planned 400-mile Condor Trail.

Next step for the Wilderness Land Trust is raising money to buy the parcels and they are looking for community support in the form of donations or loans.  They will apply for a carry over loan with the Packard Foundation in September, and the more community support, the better chance they have to get the carry over loan (a temporary loan until the US Forest Service can purchase the land).  

They are looking for clubs and individuals to donate or make loans to the The Wilderness Land Trusts “Wilderness Opportunity Fund” (WOF). I’ll be making a request for the club to donate at the June meeting to support this critical access for the Condor Trail & Garcia & Santa Lucia Wilderness areas, and will bring 
additional information to review.  

Contact: Aimee Rutledge, Vice President and CA Program Manager
Cell 415-606-5895​

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